Leather Cleaning

All Leather furniture will require some form of Cleaning and maintenance, however the exact Cleaning and/or protection needed will depend on the leather itself.


At Elite Restorations we strive to achieve high standards in the conditioning and cleaning of leather furniture in Barnsley,

Rotherham and the whole of the South Yorkshire area.

Leather is one of the most durable materials used in the manufacture of furniture, with the correct care and maintenance no other upholstery material looks like it or lasts like it.

Cleaning of your leather furniture.
Every leather suite requires proper aftercare no matter how good or bad the quality of the leather actually is, they will all need some kind of maintenance programme.

There are many different types of leather on the market today with top quality Analine hides or more robust leathers like corrected grain, there’s oil based leathers and wax pull up leathers and each requires a different cleaning method.

Corrected Grain Leather.

This is the most common type of leather used for upholstery ,it has great wearing properties but usually requires a more in depth deep clean like for example when dirt is trapped in the grain or when there’s dye transfer on the leather this is particularly common in cream and ivory coloured leathers.

Waxed Pull Up or Oil Based Hides

These require a different cleaning method, they can fade and sometimes really dry out. They will benefit from a good clean and condition and sometimes require re-waxing


Analine Hide

This is usually the top cut the best quality leather, it is softer than corrected grain and waxed hide, it requires a more delicate cleaning schedule and sometimes also requires re-dying as they can fade with use.

Whichever cleaning system is used we recommend the conditioning or treatment of some kind after every clean to ensure your leather furniture stays as soft and supple as the day it was made.

In order to clean and maintain your leather suite we have to access the specific type of leather.

Once we know we can begin the cleaning process to remove all or most of the dirt and or stains that maybe trapped inside the grain. Once completed a conditioner or protector is applied this will soak into the hide making the leather softer and more supple and also helping with future cleaning and staining.

If you would like more information or a quote on the cleaning of your leather furniture please don’t hesitate to contact us.