Leather Repairs

Elite Leather Restorations

Your number one leather repair specialists.

We have been in the leather restoration service industry for 15 years and have gained vast experience and knowledge of leather furniture and how it’s made.

Leather Repair work undertaken

We undertake many different types of repair work like scuffs to sofas, scratches, rips, tears and burns. One of our most common jobs at the moment is colour loss on both leather sofas and chairs.

Rips and tears

We can repair and renovate your leather furniture when it has been torn or ripped. It may however depend on just how big or where exactly the damage actually is on your suite?

Basically the procedure is to bond a support piece under the leather to stop it getting any worse then a specialist filling agent is applied and cured this helps disguise the repair then renovate and re-colour followed by re-sealing and protection for the repair.

Leather Repairs

Colour Loss

Colour loss can be caused by a variety of things from hair products transferring onto the leather soaking into the hide and affecting the finish. Spillages like nail polish remover which will strip the colour straight out, body sweat which takes more time to show but will undoutably rub the finish off and basically cleaning the suite with the wrong type of cleaning products for that particular leather type.

Car Seats

We can also repair and restore leather car seats that are worn or in need of some TLC. Most leather car seats could do with some sort of restoration after a few years use, the drivers lumber support which always wears first is our most common job on car seats. In general a good clean and prep followed by a bit of restoration can smarten your cars leather interior and make it look great again.

Chesterfield Restoration

We specialize in Antique restoration like leather chesterfields and other 2 tone coloured suites which have over the years generally worn and faded and are in need of a general restoration. We can restore your old or worn leather Chesterfield to make it look as good as the day it came out of the showroom, sometimes if the seat cushions have cracked we may need to re-cover these then one of our specialist cleans and restoring the 2 tone finish once again followed by a conditioner makes it look superb.

Chesterfield Chair Restoration

Works Recommendation

Most of our restoration work now comes from recommendation, we have either repaired or professionally cleaned a particular customer’s suite and their friends and family have been so impressed with our work they want us and know body else to do their own.

A lot of our repair work can be done on site at the customer’s home address however for larger jobs like full restorations they will need to be brought into the workshop as they need to be restored in stages.

We restore leather furniture in Barnsley and cover Doncaster, Rotherham and other surrounding areas.

If you require any further information about repairing your leather furniture or are interested in obtaining a quote please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.